A story of sensoriality !

Silia is a small French cosmetic formulation company located close to Toulouse. With quality products, which tend towards the natural and ideal for your well-being, we search simplicity and the essential when it comes to take care of you.  

We are a team that takes care of you!

We want to meet your expectations by ensuring a real link with each of you. We are dynamic and reactive. Wanting to have a real contact with you, we will be delighted to be able to exchange with you!

This is our Beautiful Team !

Auriane, our manager!

“I was the first of the 3 Charlie’s Angels to arrive, and I left my beautiful Bretagne to join the Silia adventure in the south.  ☀️
My role here is to coordinate customer’s projects and our own projects.

Why do I like to get up every morning: to join my incredible colleagues in order to work on new challenges!  💪
« For me a laughing team is a united team»: in my opinion, this sentence defines perfectly our team and this working atmosphere allows us to be efficient and really reactive. 🤩”

Our researcher Ada!

“Glad to introduce myself to you today, I’m Ada✨
I’m the second arrival of our trio.

I joined Auriane after the first confinement to complete my master’s course in formulation, and guess what? I was so well here that I stayed there. 😊
My missions at Silia: the search for new raw materials and actives, the formulation of beautiful textures, basically the research and development of new cosmetics for your greatest pleasure. 🤩

Why the formulation? It allows me to combine chemistry with cosmetics, but also to bring a little well-being to you! 🧼🧴

As Isaac Newton has said, “when two forces are joined, their effectiveness is double”, I let you imagine when three forces come together! Our strength can be found as much in our differences in taste as our similarities in character. ️⚡️”

Sarah our Little Com’

“You’ve guessed it, I’m the last arrival of our amazing trio! 🙌

I am in charge of the design and global communication of Silia.
From packaging to visuals, I accompany my colleagues to enhance the most their work.
I’m also the person who speaks to you through the Silia’s communications (I hope you like this!) 😊

We are three women, small by the number but big by the ambition! Naturalness and simplicity are the real representation of our beautiful team! We are complementary in order to bring you services and quality work with the most natural products possible! 
Every day is filled with new challenges and new ideas to meet this challenge! 🌸

I hope this little overview of our team will make you want to follow our work and why not collaborate with us! 🤩”

Our Videographer Anthony!

Our Little Chemist Marion !