After a fast-paced day between traffic jams, calls, appointments, classes, children, work, sports, racing; we can’t wait for one thing to do, and that’s to sit on our couch and blow.Why don’t you take that little break to take care of yourself? Indeed, since the arrival of this dear virus, we take a little more time for our personal development. At Silia, we took the opportunity to pamper ourselves through various treatments or impromptu make-up sessions. This time, which one gives oneself, is very important both physically and psychologically. It is a sign of love and respect for yourself. You take care of yourself and you do yourself good! This moment you take, allows you to fill the void and enjoy small pleasures that can be achieved on a daily basis. Masks: oils for your hair, activated charcoal-based scrub for your face, or Monoï scent scrub reminiscent of the pleasures…

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