Feeling good thanks to cosmetics.

Feeling good thanks to cosmetics.

After a fast-paced day between traffic jams, calls, appointments, classes, children, work, sports, racing; we can’t wait for one thing to do, and that’s to sit on our couch and blow.
Why don’t you take that little break to take care of yourself?

Indeed, since the arrival of this dear virus, we take a little more time for our personal development. At Silia, we took the opportunity to pamper ourselves through various treatments or impromptu make-up sessions.

This time, which one gives oneself, is very important both physically and psychologically. It is a sign of love and respect for yourself. You take care of yourself and you do yourself good! This moment you take, allows you to fill the void and enjoy small pleasures that can be achieved on a daily basis.

Masks: oils for your hair, activated charcoal-based scrub for your face, or Monoï scent scrub reminiscent of the pleasures of summer despite this winter weather. So what are you waiting for to bring sweetness, warmth and pleasure to your life through these little homemade rituals!

In terms of oils, Roxanne is the champion! When it’s not coconut oil it’s argan oil, sweet almond, shea, ricin, monoi etc… You will understand, curly hair is not easy! But this little ritual brings him a moment of sweetness! It’s a moment when she doesn’t think about the thousand and one things she still has to do, and when she escapes thanks to these summery smells. What a satisfaction to see the result on her hair when she removes the mask, you can’t imagine her happiness!!

In addition to relaxing, you take care of your body which will be, as the treatments, more radiant than ever. Besides, did you know, 50% of women have a boost of self-confidence after pampering themselves. How small it is have a real impact on our minds.

Lara felt the benefits on her nights! Since the end of the first confinement, she has imposed herself an evening beauty routine. Make-up remover, moisturizer, exfoliator, night cream that is massaged well to get into the skin quickly and efficiently, nothing escapes her. Assiduously, she realized as the days went by that she had better sleep, more restful and deeper. She continues this little ritual, which relaxes her before going to sleep in order to spend better days more rested than ever!!

“To be well in one’s own is to accept one’s own, to love one another, to offer one’s face to the breath of the wind.”

Quote from Paul Salomon; Living Body (1983)

If you don’t have enough time for this daily care, don’t panic!
When you get ready in the morning, you can simply change a few small details in your beauty routine. What if today you change your varnish color? Or if you innovated by putting on eyeshadow? These are small changes that will boost your day, as well as your self-confidence, while affirming your style and personality. What better way to feel beautiful and good about yourself and your head?

As Ada you will say so well, make-up is a passion! Indeed, for her was much more than the “appearance” side that counts during a makeup session. It brings him pleasure and well-being! From sequins to the mat, she always gives herself a little time, no matter the time (yes yes even at 10pm) to treat herself to this little moment! And every day, it is with great pleasure that we wait to discover it to see what make-up the sublime!

So ladies, no more excuses, go to your cosmetics! 🙂

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